24 HR EMERGENCY LINE:  01392 876622

Routine Healthcare

Routine Healthcare

Preventative healthcare for the healthy equine athlete is an integral part of our service.

Our team of experienced, specialised equine vets provide the following services:


We are committed to providing a high quality and complete dental service.

  • Our vets have undertaken further training in routine and advanced dental procedures.
  • We are equipped with the latest equipment for manual and motorised dental correction.
  • We provide effective pain relief - including specific nerve blocks.
  • We can perform radiography for advanced diagnosis.
  • We have the back-up of full surgical facilities where required.

The dental treatments we offer include:

  • Routine dental healthcare to improve athletic performance.
  • Care of the older horse.
  • Tooth extraction under sedation or general anaesthesia.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tooth root abscesses and sinus problems.
  • Surgical and non-surgical correction of parrot mouth in young horses.

If your horse is exhibiting the following behaviour, dental attention may be required:

  • Riding problems such as tilting, shaking or tossing of the head.
  • Poor head carriage, chewing or fighting the bit.
  • Eating problems such as packing food in the cheeks, difficulty chewing, dropping food, weight loss, drooling or tongue lolling.

Specialist surgical support is provided by soft tissue surgery certificate holder Chris Pearce MRCVS from the Equine Dental Clinic.

Full information on Dental Legislation can be found here.

Nutritional advice

Our vets are commonly asked to advise on feeding for specific conditions such as laminitis, old age, rehabilitation post-surgery, box rest and competition performance. They are more than happy to discuss your requirements over the phone or at routine annual health checks. We also offer our own range of nutritional supplements for certain conditions and can advise on how best to use these and other supplements that are available.

24 hour emergency cover

From experienced equine-only veterinary surgeons. In case of an emergency, phone 01392 876622 and press 0 immediately upon connection.


Any yards with more than one person booking in for any type of work can take advantage of a reduced visit charge. The standard visit charge is split equally between the clients on the same yard requesting work on the same day. We also run a free visit zone, contact the office for more details.


Opt for a competitively priced ‘vaccination only’ or include a health check at the time of vaccine. This health check includes a check of eyes, teeth, heart and lungs, examination of joints and feet and a trot up. 

Comprehensive advice on worming

Our nurse is a registered SQP and therefore able to advise you over the phone on how best to manage worm control in your own horse. This service is free for all our clients.

A reminder service for vaccinations, routine dental treatments and worming 

We have a courtesy service to help you remember those important dates! Whilst ensuring a horse’s vaccination status remains up-to-date lies with the owner, we find our clients appreciate a reminder in the post for vaccine boosters and routine dental checks.

A holistic approach

We work closely with suitably qualified Veterinary Physiotherapists, Remedial and Corrective Farriers, Saddle Fitters and Equine Nutritionists.