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JMB Measurement Height

JMB Height Measurement

The measurements of horses must be carried out by Official Measurers on registered measuring pads with shoes removed.

Animals cannot be measured until they are four years of age. Annual Certificates are issued to animals aged four, five and six years old, or to any animal over seven which is being measured for the first time.

Measurements can be done at any time of the year but Annual Certificates will expire on 31st December following the last measurement.

Consecutive measurements must be done by different Measurers.

Full Certificates will be issued to horses and ponies seven years and over, provided that they have held an Annual Certificate. The Official Measurer for a Full Certificate must be from a different practice to which the Official Measurer who performed the last Annual Measurement belonged.

There is a fee to cover the measurement procedure and issuing of a certificate, which has to be paid at the time by cheque made payable to JMB Ltd.

The animal’s passport and any previous JMB certificate must be available at the time of measurement, so please ensure that they accompany the animal on the day. Also all animals being measured must have a microchip. A microchip can be implanted at the time of measurement if required. For further information about the Joint Measurement Board, including current cost and the panel of Official Measurers, please visit the JMB Ltd website.