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Equine Worming Services

Equine Worming Services

Need to monitor your horse's worm burden?

Our postal worm egg count service is designed to help you monitor your horse’s worm burden over the year and ensures the use of worming products is saved for horses carrying a high burden. We turn around samples within just a few working days and will contact you with specific tailored advice on the day that the results become available.

We advise that faecal worm egg counts should be carried out every three months in March, June and September and depending on the results we will advise you whether or not your horse needs worming and which wormers are appropriate for the worm burden.

Worm egg counts are a reliable way of diagnosing adult roundworm (Cyathostome) infestation but unfortunately tapeworm and encysted redworm cannot be detected by this method. For this reason we would recommend two strategic worming treatments during the year to take account of these specific threats.

If you request a worm egg count on this scheme, we will send you a free collection kit with full instructions along with everything you need to take the sample and return it to us. Free postage and packing is included.

There is a small charge for each sample. Preferential prices are available for large yards carrying out multiple worm egg counts at the same time on request.

You can request a worm egg count by emailing equine@stdavids-equine.co.uk or for further information, please contact our equine office.

Free reminders by text or email

Once you are registered on the programme we will contact you two weeks before the next worm egg count (or strategic worming treatment) is due. We will remind you by text, phone, post or email depending on your preference. If you decide to go ahead with an egg count we can send you out a kit by post or you can come in to the practice to collect one.