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St David's Equine Services

Dental Services

We are committed to providing a high quality and complete dental service.

Routine Healthcare

Routine preventative healthcare for the healthy equine athlete is an important part of our service.

Equine Worming Services

Helping you monitor your horse’s worm burden and providing treatment where necessary.


We use a high definition x-ray system producing high quality images within five seconds of the image being taken with no processing of film or a light sensitive screen. 

Back Pain

Equine back pain is an increasingly recognised cause of poor performance and we have treatments available to improve back pain conditions.

Medical Services

As a practice we have made significant investment in new equipment for medical diagnosis. Our medical services include: Gastrocopy, cardiology, an in-house laboratory, high quality ultrasound and respiratory endoscopy.

Surgical Services

The luxury of a state-of-the-art surgical facility with full hospitalisation facilities.

Respiratory Disease Investigations

We see a large caseload of horses and ponies suffering from respiratory issues and can deal with a large number of cases on farm.


At our clinic, we have advanced facilities to enable us to investigate lameness.

Fertility and Reproduction

Stud farm, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and fertility services.

JMB Height Measurement

Measurement of horses and ponies for the Joint Measurement Board official height certificate.

St David’s Nutrition and Veterinary Supplements

A range of supplementary products for improving horn, nutritional deficiency, illness, mobility and more.

Related Services

Veterinary Physiotherapy - Saddle Fitting – Schooling – and more!


Visiting Specialist Jim Carter BVetMed is able to support eye referral cases for the practice.