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Stamp on Flu Together This March

In the UK, there is still a vast number of horses who are currently unvaccinated or overdue their booster. To protect as many horses as we can, we are offering unvaccinated horses one free vaccination as part of your horse’s primary vaccination course if the first vaccination takes place during the month of March 2019.*

The primary course includes two vaccinations. The second vaccination is needed 21-92 days after the first and your horse will then be covered 7 days after the second vaccination. We then recommend a third vaccination 150-215 days after the 2nd vaccination to keep in line with jockey and riding club rules. A booster will then be needed annually.

Why is it important to vaccinate? 

  • Vaccination against equine flu helps to reduce the risk of an epidemic occurring.
  • Vaccinated horses are likely to be less severely affected by flu and are likely to get better more quickly than unvaccinated horses.
  • Unvaccinated horses present a risk not just to themselves but to all the horses around them.

 To book an appointment or for further information, please contact the team on 01392 876622 (option 2).

*Visit and administration fees will still apply and the offer is only open to horses that are over 9 months of age and have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue an annual booster. The vaccination needs to take place in the offer month. Account for the first vaccination visit must be settled before the appointment for the second vaccination.

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