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St David's Evening Talk - Fat or Fit?

Did you know that up to 45% of horses in the UK are clinically obese?! Obesity is a serious welfare concern and can predispose horses to laminitis and other diseases. If you are concerned about your horse's weight, particularly with the threat of spring grass, book in for the Fat or Fit evening for expert veterinary advice on managing your horse's weight. 

We welcome the Langford team back to Nutwell for this evening event. Katya Potter, Equine Medicine Clinician at Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital, will discuss all aspects of equine weight. Katya has spent some time researching the relationship between steroid treatment and the development of laminitis predisposition, so she is an excellent person to explain what over or underweight really means for your horse. 

Owners often hear words like laminitis, EMS and endocrine disease discussed, but do you really know what it means to you and your horse? Katya will be here to dispel some of the myths. 

St David's vet, Ben Crisp, will also discuss the role of nutrition in managing weight in horses and ponies, providing some practical advice on weight loss strategies. 

Our vet nurse, Amanda Boswell is on hand to explain our weight loss programmes that can be facilitated through the practice, and give you practical advice on how our new weight loss clinics can support you in improving your horse's body condition score. 




Keep an eye out here for more information. To confirm your attendance please contact the equine team by calling 01392 876622 (option 2) or email info@stdavids-equine.co.uk by Thursday 2nd May. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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