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Nutwell Weight Clinic - Saturday 29th June

Struggling with your horse's weight? We still have a some spaces available at our weight clinic on Saturday 29th June.
The clinic will be held here at Nutwell and will involve a 30 minute consultation with one of our vets, followed by a discussion with a nutritionist. This caters for horses that are overweight and those that struggle to maintain weight.

A typical consultation will include:
- Weigh in on our equine weigh platform
- Body condition scoring of the horse and guidance in 'how to' condition score
- Cresty neck scoring
- A tailored weight management plan, including exercise regime and target setting
- If a weight related condition is believed to be involved (such as PPID or EMS), tests will be undertaken to investigate further
- Worming discussion with Amanda if required
- Diet discussion and plan with nutritionist

The cost of these sessions are £30 +VAT per horse. This does not include the blood tests/subsequent investigation and treatment for weight related condition.

**please note that the above consultation is based on an overweight horse and may alter if your horse is underweight**

Clients and non-clients welcome. If you would like to sign up for a slot, please call the office on 01392 876622 (option 2) or email Amanda on amanda.boswell@stdavids-equine.co.uk

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