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It's a thumbs up for our new exam room from our patients!

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new exam room! It has been a great success and we feel very lucky to have such a spacious room to examine and carry out procedures on our patients.

The floor is lined with a fully sealed equine sports roll rubber matting which allows for the safe working environment for personnel and horses. It also allows for the room to be easily disinfected between each patient. As you can see from the images,our patients are happy and relaxed and we have a lot more room in this new examination area.

The reason for the development of the exam room is to better accommodate our in-house veterinary surgeons and the visiting veterinary specialists from Langford and the Equine Dental Clinic. As Langford is part of the University of Bristol they often have residents and students attending cases at Nutwell, so the new exam room allows for the education of equine medicine and surgery to continue with us at St David’s.

Watch this space…………

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