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In a Nutwell - Tie-Back Surgery

It’s been a busy week here at Nutwell, with gastroscopies to a tie-back surgery, though it has definitely felt like spring has finally arrived!

We welcomed Geoff Lane to the practice on Monday to perform a tie-back surgery on a patient called Sox that had noticeably reduced performance and noise when exercised.

One of our vets carried out a respiratory scope last week and referred the case to Geoff, who performed the tie-back surgery under a standing sedation.

The image above shows the skin and muscle layer being retracted so the surgeon could access the structures required to perform the tie-back.

The endoscope was used to help assist the surgeon with a view of the larynx so he could see the degree of tie-back being achieved.

Our Karl Storz Telepack allows us to visualise internal structures in the upper and lower respiratory tract and also in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

This image shows how neat and small the incision is post procedure and the staples are removed 12 days after.

Our tie- back patients stay with us for 5 days post surgery for the administration of antibiotics, analgesics and to monitor for any signs of complications.

Patients usually go home after their stay at the practice and contiune with box rest for at least another week. We then re-scope the airway after 30 days. This can either take place at the practice or at the owner’s yard. 

As you can see from the pictures, our inpatient was happy and relaxed, he was such a pleasure to nurse all week.

Enjoying some sun and a groom while his stable was being cleaned.

His hay and feed were dampened to prevent coughing.

Thank you very much to the owner for allowing us to use these images of Sox.  

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