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In a Nutwell - Gastroscopy

Since our client evening in August on ‘Is my horse in pain or just misbehaving,’ we have had quite a bit of interest in the gastroscopy services we can offer. This week, Rob and I have been performing respiratory scopes for those horses having either breathing issues, coughing whilst in general work, or struggling to perform with higher intensity work. Karl Storz Endoscopes has provided us with an outstanding piece of diagnostic equipment, which enables us to offer our clients a diagnosis and treatment plan on the day. 

We had Alfie in recently to have a respiratory scope with light sedation. He came to us to investigate a developing cough which had been getting worse during exercise. Using our respiratory scope we can have a clear picture of the respiratory tract and in this particular case we wanted to look into the guttural pouches which can be seen in the video below.  

We performed a ‘tracheal wash’ procedure which involves placing a tracheal aspiration catheter through the biopsy channel, which runs through the centre of the scope. Using the scope then to guide the catheter to the area of interest, sterile saline is then flushed down the catheter which mixes with the saliva in the trachea, this creates a liquid pool that is aspirated by the use of the catheter and collected in the syringe. 
The sample collected is then sent to the laboratory for examination. 

To find out more information about our scoping services, you can call us on 01392 876622. I will also be at this year’s Westcountry Equine Fair alongside Rob, Ben, Laura and Sarah if you would like to come and chat to us to find out more.  We’ll be on stand no. 51 with mince pies, mulled wine and a prize draw where you could win a saddle up to the value of £1500! We look forward to seeing you there.

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