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Case Studies

Case Study 3: Remedial Farriery
Sep 06 2018
Nowadays, now we worktogether very closely and we recently had a very successful example of how wecome together to fix a serious problem in a horse’s foot. “Jupiter” waspresented with severe cracks in both his front feet that extended right up tothe coronary band. The cracks were pinching the coronary band every time hemoved, and were causing him to be quite severely lame. After radiographsconfirmed no damage to the underlying skeletal structures, Dr Harry Caldicott and local farrier, James Pinfold, performed a “dorsal wall resection”.

Case Study 1: Atypical Myopathy
Rubi's owner called us in the early hours of the morning after noticing that her young mare seemed unexpectedly lethargic after a short hack the previous afternoon.

Case Study 2: Sarcoids
Boris' owner noticed what she thought was a fly bite on his belly. It had appeared relatively quickly over the course of the summer and had 'scabbed over' but wasn't going down as she would have expected.