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May 18 2020
Gastroscopy is where we pass a flexible tube with a camera and light on the end down the oesophagus (food pipe) and into the stomach. It enables us to investigate a range of abnormalities which can occur in a horse’s stomach.

Dealing with your horse and COVID-19 restrictions
Apr 08 2020
Claire Hopkins BVM&S MRCVS, St David's Equine Practice gives tips and advice for managing your horse during the current climate of COVID-19 restrictions.

Mar 27 2020
Lush grass has long been held responsible for causing laminitis, and in many cases it plays a major role, however, there are many other factors at play that can induce a bout of laminitis.

Vaccine Update - 27th March
Mar 27 2020
We understand that many of you want clarity over the suspension of routine equine vaccinations during the current human COVID-19 crisis. Our regulatory body has issued guidance on what does and doesn’t constitute essential work.

COVID-19 Practice Update
Mar 26 2020
We are committed to providing you with optimum care for your horse, pony or donkey and we sympathise with concerns you may be having regarding veterinary cover for your animal during the current human COVID-19 global pandemic

Preventing Disease Through Better Biosecurity
Feb 10 2020
St David’s vet, Claire Hopkins, gives some key pieces of advice…

Winter Newsletter 2019
Dec 17 2019
Read our Winter 2019 newsletter

Christmas and New Years Opening times 2019
Nov 29 2019
Autumn Dangers - Atypical Myopathy
Oct 18 2019
It is around this time of year that we would like to remind our clients about the potentially fatal disease, atypical myopathy, and especially since there has been a number of cases in the equine press recently.

British Dressage Vet Talks Evenings 14th October and 20th November
Oct 04 2019
We invite you to join us at our first British Dressage Vet Talks Evening, taking place on the 14th October

St David's Equine announce new sponsored rider, Jessica Colvin
Sep 16 2019
We are excited to announce our new partnership with local dressage rider, Jessica Colvin!!

It's a thumbs up for our new exam room from our patients!
Aug 05 2019
We are very excited to announce the opening of our new exam room! It has been a great success and we feel very lucky to have such a spacious room to examine and carry out procedures on our patients.

Laminitis - know the signs to act early!
Jul 29 2019
Laminitis.. is the topic overdone? Anyone who has dealt with horses has likely heard about laminitis, and yet in answer to the title question, we think no.

Foot balance
Jul 24 2019
Our vet Claire has had a few cases recently that focus on foot balance and it’s often something that is overlooked as to how it can affect a horse's way of going. We asked her why it is so important to get right..

What do you think about your horse's weight?
Jul 15 2019
We recently held our first weight clinic at Nutwell. Have a read of what the clinic involves here.

British Dressage South West Regional Veterinary Sponsor
Jun 20 2019
Earlier this month we were excited to accept the invitation to be a veterinary sponsor of British Dressage South West Region for the 2019-2020 year.

Nutwell Weight Clinic - Saturday 29th June
Jun 18 2019
Struggling with your horse's weight? Book in for our Weight Clinic on Saturday 29th June

Welcome to our new vet Claire Hopkins!
Jun 05 2019
This week we welcomed our new equine vet Claire to the team!

Vet Nursing Awareness Month - Q&A with Amanda!
May 24 2019
May is Vet Nursing Awareness Month so we thought it was a good opportunity to ask our Registered Veterinary Nurse, Amanda, some questions about her career and her first year here at St David’s!

Vet CPD Evening - Foal to Five Year Old
May 02 2019
Launching on the 15th May, selected elective procedures from Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital will be available here at Nutwell. Langford Vets are here to support cases from referring vets across the South West, sharing their expertise across the wider South West.

Is your horse trying to tell you something? - St David's Client Evening
May 01 2019
Join the Equine Dental Clinic and ourselves for an evening of modern dentistry demonstrating the rapidly developing advances in knowledge and treatments and how poor dental care can affect your horse’s performance and welfare.

In a Nutwell - Tie-Back Surgery
Apr 02 2019
It's been a busy week here at Nutwell, with gastroscopies to a tie-back surgery

St David's Evening Talk - Fat or Fit?
Apr 01 2019
Our next client evening is taking place on the 9th May, and we welcome the Langford team back to Nutwell to provide some expert veterinary advice on what it really means if your horse is under or overweight.

In a Nutwell - Dental
Mar 22 2019
This week Amanda talks about a dental patient we had visit us at the practice due to Diastemata.

Stamp on Flu Together This March
Mar 01 2019
We are stamping down on flu this March and offering one free vaccination as part of your horse’s primary vaccination course if the first vaccination takes place during the month of March 2019.

Equine Influenza: How to reduce the risk of flu getting into your yard
Feb 12 2019
As of midday today (Tuesday 12th February), the latest confirmation in the South West of Equine Influenza was on a premises in Somerset and was confirmed by the AHT on Thursday 7th February.

Equine Influenza Update - 7th February 2019
Feb 07 2019
All races at UK racecourses cancelled due to confirmed Equine Influenza from vaccinated horses in an active racing yard

In a Nutwell - Wounds
Dec 04 2018
Following on in our 'In a Nutwell' blog, Vet Nurse Amanda shows us the progress of one of our most visited patients this year who had a nasty wound due to catching his leg on wire fencing.

In a Nutwell - Gastroscopy
Nov 23 2018
With the recent increased interest in our gastroscopy services, Vet Nurse Amanda talks through our new gastroscopy kit and explains a recent respiratory scope case.

We've had a makeover!
Aug 28 2018
You may have noticed that we have changed our look with a new logo and colour scheme! Over the last couple of months, we have been working with a local designer to refresh the St David's branding and make it a bit more modern!

St David's Evening Talk- Is my horse in pain or just misbehaving?
Aug 02 2018
Do you worry that your horse is sometimes badly behaved due to pain? Does he hate being tacked up - is that because he is naughty or is he suffering from back pain or gastric ulcers? Does he just not enjoy dressage or is there an underlying lameness? Join us on the 16th August from 7pm - 9.30pm where we will be joined by Clinicians Sarah Smith and Yvonne Elce of Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital.

Keeping An Eye On It
Jul 09 2018
Eye problems in horses are particularly common in the summer, with dust, flies and allergies proving a nuisance. You may notice a red and weepy eye and just put this down to a bit of irritation, however do not forget that far more serious eye conditions can present in exactly the same way!

Welcome to our new veterinary nurse, Amanda Boswell!
May 30 2018
It's Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, and time to introduce our new member of the team, Amanda Boswell! Amanda is a qualified registered veterinary nurse, having gained her BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Health Studies in 2010 and her Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing Science in 2014.

The University of Bristol’s Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital comes
May 29 2018
If you are in the position of having to have your horse referred to a specialist, there are two main considerations for most people; how far you have to travel and who you are going to see. Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital (as part of the University of Bristol) are pleased to be able to offer St David's Equine a visiting referral service from a variety of their Specialists.

Fit For Purpose
Apr 11 2018
For millions of years, horses have been breed selectively to produce an anatomy and physiology to run away fast and to cover many miles to find food. Anatomically, these adaptations include lengthening of the leg, reduction in the number of digits and loss of the collar bone. Physiological adaptations have enabled greater oxygen delivery to the muscles and a greater ability to use the available oxygen at the sites it is needed the most.

Be Colic Aware!
Mar 20 2018
Thankfully good management and awareness of colic risk factors keeps the amount of colic cases we see down to a minimum, but we do tend to get a flurry of cases around this time of year for various reasons.

Equine Dentistry
Feb 15 2018
Dentistry is a rapidly growing area of equine work. This is undoubtedly due to the increase in understanding of the importance of a healthy mouth for the general wellbeing and performance of a horse.

Gastric Ulceration
Jan 21 2018
Gastric ulcers are estimated to affect 92% of racehorses and almost 60% of performance horses. Recent studies have suggested that they are also common in pleasure horses and even donkeys.

Atypical Myopathy
Oct 23 2017
Atypical myopathy is a devastating disease that sadly, with no specific cure, is often fatal. However, as we are beginning to understand more about the cause of the disease, we are able to better advise and therefore prevent it.

The Methods and Potential Complications of Castration
Sep 13 2017
As autumn approaches, clients with male foals may face choices about whether to castrate them. This article describes the choice of methods available to you and aims to give you more information to make the right choice for your foal or yearling.

Facebook Prize Draw Terms and Conditions
Jan 01 2017
Terms and conditions for our Facebook Prize Draw

Terms and Conditions for the ‘Win a Saddle Competition’
Jan 01 2017
Terms and Conditions for our ‘Win a Saddle Competition’ at the Westcountry Equine Fair.