St Davids Equine Services
St Davids'
surgical services

Our All-New Surgical Facility, Completed In June 2006, Offers:

  • A surgeon who holds both an RCVS certificate in equine surgery.
  • Arthroscopy for the surgical treatment of orthopaedic disease.
  • Full surgical suite.
  • Up to date anaesthetic monitoring.
  • Full hospitalisation facilities for post operative care.

We can offer a full range of ORTHOPAEDIC AND SOFT TISSUE SURGICAL PROCEDURES including:

  • Surgical treatment of degenerative joint disease.
  • Treatment of infected joints and tendon sheaths.
  • Treatment of keratoma, sequestra and fractures.
  • Castration and rig surgery.
  • Surgical treatment of severe wounds.

St Davids Equine Services

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