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Diagnostic Imaging at St David’s


Our high power gantry mounted digital x-ray machine within the clinic is suitable for imaging any area from head to foot.

When it comes to getting high quality pictures of backs, chests and stifles this system comes into its own as it is far more powerful than any other portable system.

We recently upgraded our digital portable x-ray (DR) system which can be operated by all our ambulatory vets. Our new kit has the ability to produce images of the highest quality within seconds and is coupled wirelessly to brand new software giving consistently high resolution images on the portable laptop. The system is quick to set up and use with minimal cables making image capture on yards easy and stress free for your horse. We regularly use this kit for imaging of dental and sinus issues, ruling out limb fractures without having to transport the horse and investigating laminitis cases. It allows the vets to diagnose and treat problems instantly without having to bring the exposed plates back to the practice to be able to process and examine the images. This also enables pre and post-trimming radiographs to be done with your farrier, removing the risk of ‘over trimming’.

Main benefits of the Portable Digital Radiography System:

  • Images produced immediately on the yard
  • Vettings: Multiple, high quality x-rays can be carried out quickly on a horse prior to purchase to spot potential bone and joint problems
  • Wireless, easy to carry kit: Makes taking images less stressful for horse, owner and vet
  • High resolution images: There is no better system for producing high quality images
  • No unnecessary need to move injured horses
  • Remedial farriery: Able to take pre and post-trimming shots alongside the farrier

What problems can be investigated with scintigraphy?

  • ‘Kissing Spines’ (Overriding dorsal spinous processes)
  • Fractures which do not show up on x-rays
  • Poor performance
  • Multi limb lameness
  • Simple lameness causes in horses which are unable to tolerate nerve blocking
  • Sacro-iliac pain

Bone scans are most commonly performed on insured horses due to the expense of the procedure. Our vets recommend this modality as part of their lameness investigations if they feel it may be beneficial and we also receive referrals from other practices. If you feel your horse would benefit from a bone scan, please feel free to call the practice on 01392 876622 to have a chat with one of our vets. We are happy to carry out imaging as a stand-alone service, with the horse returning home for further work-up. Alternatively, we can offer full orthopaedic work-up and surgery if required.

Digital Ultrasonography:

We have two powerful ultrasound scanners which can be used either out on yards or in the clinic to investigate a wide range of soft tissue or bony disorders within the horse.