St Davids Equine Services
St Davids'
St Davids Equine Services

  • Dental Services
    We are committed to providing A high quality And complete dental service
  • Healthcare
    Routine preventative healthcare for the healthy equine athlete is an important part of our service
  • Digital Radiography
    In February 2011 we installed a new, direct digital, high definition x-ray system to produce high quality images within 5 seconds of the image being taken with no processing of film or a light sensitive screen
  • Back Pain
    Equine back pain is an increasingly recognised cause of poor performance and new treatments Are available
  • Medical Services
    As a practice we have made significant investment in new equipment For medical diagnosis
  • Surgical Services
    At our all-new surgical facility, completed In June 2006
  • Scintigraphy
    In 2005 St David’s Equine Practice installed a new scintigraphy unit, complete with the most recent data collection and analysis software
  • St David's Stable Management App
    The App allows our clients to manage health and management information for their horse(s) on their phone and receive reminders when health or management events are due.
  • Fertility
    Stud farm, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and fertility services
  • Height Measurement
    Measurement of horses and ponies for the Joint Measurement Board official height certificate
  • Related Services From Other Professionals
    Veterinary Physiotherapy - Saddle Fitting - Valeting Services

St Davids Equine Services

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