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In 2005 St David’s Equine Practice Installed A New Scintigraphy Unit, Complete With The Most Recent Data Collection And Analysis Software.

We offer scintigraphy as a service to our colleagues in the South West as an aid to the diagnosis of orthopaedic cases.

We are happy to carry out scintigraphy as a stand alone service, with the horse returning home for further work-up. Alternatively we can offer full orthopaedic work-up and surgery if required.

Scintigraphy Applications
Scintigraphy is established as a key tool in the investigation of the causes of equine lameness and other skeletal conditions including:

  • Stress fractures.
  • Disorders of the spine, pelvis and sacro-iliac joint.
  • Lameness originating from multiple sites.
  • Obscure or intermittent lameness.
  • Poor performance of orthopaedic origin.
  • Tooth root abscesses.
  • Sinusitis.

Scintigraphy Principles
The short-acting radio-pharmaceutical 99m Technetium is temporarily incorporated into bone and is detected with a gamma camera. The radiopharmaceutical is preferentially incorporated into areas where bone turnover is high and these will be highlighted as “hot spots” on the resulting scan picture. Areas of increased bone turnover occur in diseases such as arthritis, fracture and osteomyelitis.

St Davids Equine Services

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