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Routine Preventative Healthcare For The Healthy Equine Athlete Is An Important Part Of Our Service.

Our team of 5 experienced, equine-only vets provides:

    We work closely with suitably qualified Veterinary Physiotherapists, Corrective Farriers, Saddle Fitters and Equine Nutritionists.
  • DENTISTRY A complete and modern dental service covering routine and advanced procedures.
  • VACCINATION Competitive price schemes.
  • COMPREHENSIVE ADVICE ON WORMING Competitive prices and a worming scheme supplying the wormers you need, when you need them throughout the year.
  • A REMINDER SERVICE FOR VACCINATIONS, ROUTINE DENTAL TREATMENTS AND WORMING Ensures that these routine treatments are carried out on time.
  • VISITS Shared and joint visits enable costs to be reduced where possible.
  • 24 HOUR EMERGENCY COVER From experienced equine-only veterinary surgeons.

We have the back up of new, purpose built, referral standard facilities at our main Nutwell Estate clinic for more complicated cases.

St Davids Equine Services

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