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New Digital Radiography System installed at St David’s Equine

St David’s Equine are pleased to announce that we have invested in a new, direct digital, high definition x-ray system. This has the ability to produce high quality images within 5 seconds of the image being taken with no processing of film or a light sensitive screen. This, coupled to the brand new software, will give consistently high resolution images. The system is completely portable and X-Rays can be e-mailed or left on a disc for you or your vet to view.

This system will also complement our gantry mounted high power generator installed at the practice for those "difficult to get" shots of spines and chest x-rays, or just for even higher quality limb radiography.

The system differs from most other cheaper digital radiography systems

Our new system is a DR digital system. The key feature of this system is that the image is directly captured onto a digital plate and immediately saved onto the computer. This has big advantages in that the image production is very fast and the image produced is of a very high quality and detail.

We are currently the only vet practice in the South West to offer this system.

So called CR mobile digital systems are cheaper but the image that they produce is usually of poorer quality. They capture an image in a similar way to normal X-Ray film and this image is then "digitised" when it is fed through a "digital processor". Most other digital systems in veterinary practice in the South West are of this CR type.

There are several advantages of this new system to our clients:

  • Mobile veterinary radiography
    It is much easier to produce high quality images out at your stable yard as we do not need to transport X-Ray plates back to the clinic to be developed. However, In some cases, it will still be better to have your horse in to the clinic for assessment, for example if lameness work-up is required or if we need to use the high power, high definition X-Ray tube at the clinic for even higher definition shots or for deeper structures such as the back.
  • Foot balance radiography
    Images can be immediately produced at your yard or stable. We can even produce X-rays before and after foot trimming. This will be useful for remedial farriery or for those awkward laminitic trims as it will allow both you and your farrier to immediately see the affect of the trimming or shoeing.
  • Vetting X-Rays
    Multiple, high quality X-rays can be carried out quickly on a horse prior to purchase to spot potential bone and joint problems.

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