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Stud Farm, Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, and Fertility Services

During the 2009 stud season Ali O’Brien joined with St David’s Equine Practice specifically to develop the equine breeding side of the practice. Ali has spent the last 9 years working mainly in equine reproduction in Devon working for some of the larger studs in our area as well as helping private clients with their equine breeding work. He also has active links with both Twemlows Hall Stud Farm and West Kington Stud.

St David’s Equine Practice will offer a full range of equine breeding services as follows:

Artificial Insemination (BEVA listed)
Clinic-based or home-based artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen using the more successful deep intrauterine technique. This will be performed by a vet with many years of experience of artificial insemination and high success rates.
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Embryo Transfer
A comprehensive non-surgical service with a high success rate. Embryos can be transferred immediately to a recipient, shipped to a dedicated recipient herd, or frozen for future use.
Prices for Embryo Transfer are available on request. Please ring us to discuss your requirements with Dr Ali O’Brien, our equine reproductive expert.

Breeding soundness examinations performed and all aspects of infertility investigated and treated.

Semen collection, evaluation, and frozen semen storage.

Mare and Foal
Medical and surgical care of the pregnant, foaling, and recently foaled mare, and of both newly born and older foal.

St Davids Equine Services

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